Positive Reinforcement December 12, 2013

What IS working now?

Focus on the positive!

Lavender, salt, bath!!!

Art Prescription:  So my yoga teacher has been saying to us, “focus on what feels good, what feels right, what serves your breath, your body?” How can we pay attention to what IS working! Our health, our wellness, our spouses, our homes, and a hot bath with lavender and salts!! Namaste!!

lavender and wren

Haiku May 8, 2013 Waiting in Line

Birds don’t seem to mind

Sharing the same bath water.

And the line starts here!!

Art Prescription:  There is a definite pecking order at the bird bath. A blue jay and robin negotiate, the blue jay goes first. As soon as he is done, the robin hops in and flutters with delight…never-mind who went first! Others wait on the side-lines for their turn. Seems an amicable bunch.


Haiku December 28, 2012 Be You

Free from worldly wants

You hear your own strong footsteps

Go! You know the way!

Art Prescription:  A student of all things Zen, I strive to apply the lessons of many great teachers to my life. I think the hardest lesson of all is to listen to your own heart and not allow the chaotic, negative energy of others divert you from what you know is good and whole and healthy. Peace.

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