Haiku May 27, 2013 Object Desire

Things lost and then found

One’s trash, another’s treasure

Objects of desire.

Art Prescription:  Two scenarios here. One, my hand-painted stool will be found tomorrow in an assortment of boxes at Goodwill, or two, some child is laughing at their new silly cat and mouse stool! Why do we humans get so attached to inanimate objects? My husband who is a get things done kind-of-guy, most of the time an excellent trait, inadvertently took my beloved field-sketching stool to the Goodwill. I’m wrangling with thoughts of a child loving their new object, and mourning the loss of MY STOOL! MINE! Okay, so this is where my years of yoga and practicing letting go might really come in handy, MINE! Sometimes all the practice in the world doesn’t equate to our humanly notions of hanging on, letting things define our life, getting stuck and not moving on, learning to share…

object desire

Haiku November 27, 2012 Grey and Rainy

A warm cozy couch

Sandwiched between two kitties

Remedies grey day!

Art Prescription:  On a grey, cold, rainy day it’s simple human nature to nap! If you have pets, then you know as soon as you hit supine you will have company. I sometimes have wonderful ideas while my body rests, and my mind wanders!