Hunter wanna be

Slips out the door routinely

Inside panther cat.

Art Prescription:  My two cats are content as they can be, inside lazing around. But not my third catICAD 2016 July 16 Matisse!! Matisse howls incessantly to go outside, and he slips under my feet like a bolt of lightening when I go out the door, escaping into the big outdoors. He usually stops short of the driveway and dives into the grass. It’s a dilemma! I know I love outdoors, but safety comes first. I allow him to explore sometimes with me chasing behind him as if he were a toddler.

Index card and watercolor:


Strong wrists, table pose

Inhale, now stretch into cow

Exhale, round back, cat.

Art Prescription:  Yoga…a place to put life…

Index card with watercolor:

Index card 2016 28 cat

Been hanging round this

Town for so, so long, walk paths

Just like yesterday.

Art Prescription:  As I walked to the bus, lunch in hand, I cornered the UNC School of Nursing. Been hanging around this town for a long time. This, it occurs to me, is my life…

Pet sitting for my favorite neighbor cat…watercolor sketching her while visiting.

Matilda sketch

Essential play

What is your secret pleasure?

Snicker, giggle, laugh!

Art Prescription:  To watch a cat hop and dance around, chasing a stuffed bird with shear delight, leads to giggles.

Matilda 1

Shelter from the storm

A brown card-board box offered

To a stray black cat.

Art Prescription:  While I’m working and preparing to roll out my ideas for collage ephemera on Etsy, painting and cutting, and taking pictures, etc. Blackie, the local stray, occupies my mind. I’m feeding him and giving him some de-worm medicine. He sits cautiously at least 3 feet away. Meanwhile, I’m excited to offer some hand-painted collage pieces for art journaling and mixed media!

blackie 2Butterfly kit

A pen and paper

Expressive sketch, just capture

The essence of cat.

Art Prescription:  Part of the Art Prescription philosophy is to encourage creativity any where, any time.  Nothing has to be perfect, just play and have fun.

cat sketch