Pet Love May 1, 2014

Bare feet slinky fur

Cat swirls around my ankles

Claims territory.

Art Prescription:  I’m pet sitting. So I go over to visit with my coffee, and much to my own cat’s chagrin, I come home smelling of “mine.” My neighbor’s cat, who is cute as pie, is more interested in marking her ownership than eating. Interesting what one will do for love and acceptance.

Be kind puzzlekittyplay

Haiku December 7, 2012 Predictable Cat

Meow howl for chow

Long lick both chops, clean face, purr

Repeat twice a day!

Art Prescription:  We have cats! Three! I’d love a dog too, but for now the cats rule! Artist throughout history have studied the long and graceful lines of cat behavior. My favorite is Steinlen! If you have pets they are perfect for gestural sketching…try and capture the essence of  dog or cat -itude!