This Town February 20, 2015

Been hanging round this

Town for so, so long, walk paths

Just like yesterday.

Art Prescription:  As I walked to the bus, lunch in hand, I cornered the UNC School of Nursing. Been hanging around this town for a long time. This, it occurs to me, is my life…

Pet sitting for my favorite neighbor cat…watercolor sketching her while visiting.

Matilda sketch

Pet Love May 1, 2014

Bare feet slinky fur

Cat swirls around my ankles

Claims territory.

Art Prescription:  I’m pet sitting. So I go over to visit with my coffee, and much to my own cat’s chagrin, I come home smelling of “mine.” My neighbor’s cat, who is cute as pie, is more interested in marking her ownership than eating. Interesting what one will do for love and acceptance.

Be kind puzzlekittyplay

Haiku June 5, 2013

Seconds tick on clock

I sway to the time, rocking

Black cat in my arms!

Art Prescription:  We have three cats!! Each one has a very distinct personality and my days are filled with cat antics. Matisse, my big furry black cat, I think he has some Siamese traits, likes being held. He melts into my arms and will lay wilted with love until, with protest, I set him down.

Spring 2006 053