Two worlds, artist, nurse

Some days my hat does not fit

Either, want to rest!

Art Prescription:  I’ve been weaving my two worlds of nursing and art together for about 10 years…maybe 11…or all my life…which came first? I love both in many ways. Often it’s the transition that is hardest. What hats do you wear? Which hat fits you best? Fits your spirit?



Busy hospital

Lady in pink does Tai Chi

People linger, gaze.

Art Prescription:  It seems hospitals have become like malls. Busy, people everywhere, employees, patients, and families going for lunch. The lady in pink doing Tai Chi caught my eye. I stopped and watched her graceful movements.  Watercolor pencil sketchbook…

Tai Chi girl


Optimism, hope

Something to look forward to

Energy to leap!!

Art Prescription:  I wake up thinking of color!! Leap out of bed…well not quite. I do love a project!

Bold Corals I