First Snowflake

The first snowflake falls

Big wet white drops on my coat

Flock of Juncos fly.

Art Prescription: On my walk a flock of Juncos took flight. They are snow predicting birds.

And then snow did fall.

Diva is not a fan of the cold.

The Diva Chronicles

Hi friends,

So here I am moving into a North Carolina fall.

I really like hiking!

Me and Matisse agree to not talk politics.
I’m pretty happy getting belly pets.
And I like to play at bedtime!

Basically I’m a happy dog!



The Diva Chronicles

Hello my loyal Diva fans,

So it looks like for now I’m staying here in NC. I’m pretty happy about that cause I get to do lots of extracurricular activities with Bev and Sam.

Last weekend we went hiking!
I was pooped on the ride home.
Today I got to roll in horse farm goo!!

And then once home I promptly got a bath!!

Matisse and I like each other, with respect.
I’m a cuddle bug.

So as you can see life is pretty awesome! I feel loved and my athletic ability is better.

Thanks for checking in!


Diva Las Vegas

Diva Chronicles

Hi from heat infested N.C.!

So, personally, I like sunbathing:

Today we went to historic Pullen Park in Raleigh. I hiked a bunched, but stairs? Excuse me? I don’t do stairs!!!

I do need a proper water bottle for these warm days, but for now I’m happy to drink from improvised cups. I’m pretty flexible.

I was very tired on the way home. Dreaming of catching squirrels!

So long,