It is February February 25, 2017

Taupe colored clouds move

In with a cold winter front

Hang tight little blooms.

Art Prescription:  All this warm weather here in North Carolina has encouraged everything to bloom early. Now tonight a front is moving back in.

I love the simple elegance of brush painting. I’ll make this one available in my Etsy shop!!

Watercolor with my chop that says “hope”

February shrub 72.jpg

Wind Chimes January 3, 2017

Delicate wind chimes

Play tender notes to announce

Snow in the forecast.

Art Prescription:  And my back-yard birds are talking about it too. Today I didn’t even need a coat. Grey wintry weather suits my sleepy cats.

Brush painting on index card:

Index card mocha .jpeg


Winter Green January 2, 2017

Winter, green bamboo

Graceful leaves nod at bare trees

Secret hiding place.

Art Prescription:  Have you ever come upon a tall bamboo forest in winter?  A canopy of green in the midst of naked trees. A secret hiding place. Thick and tall. Sunshine rays slip in. Smells like vetiver.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says, “hope.”

Index card bamboo.jpeg

Misu no kokoro October 19, 2016

No wind, waves, ripples

Perfect reflection on pond

Mind like still water.

Art Prescription: Misu no kokoro translates in Japanese to “A mind like still water.” It refers to water taking on a mirror-like quality. Working with horses is like this.

From Mark Rashid’s book “Whole Heart, Whole Horse: Building trust between horse and rider:”

“Put simply, developing a quiet mind allows us to take in and process information in a true and correct manner and then respond appropriately, in a way suited to the situation, provided the situation even needs a response.”

It occurs to me that this applies to every relationship in our lives.

Index card with watercolor and my chop that says “hope.”


Seed Pods October 4, 2016

Life ebbs and life flows

Bursting with seed, pods open

A new season starts.

Art Prescription:  This time of year beautiful sculptural seed pods are everywhere. Reminds us all that if you plant a seed it will grow.

Watercolor 5 x 7 with my chop that says “hope”