Tree Shopping November 30, 2014

Frazier forest

Scent of Christmas past, future

Present, ah the scent!

Art Prescription:  Sam and I went to get our Christmas tree today. Our 24th… The sensory experience of the holidays. Poems galore.

3 x 5 index card with collage and pen and ink

Index card ornament

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Haiku December 7, 2012 Predictable Cat

Meow howl for chow

Long lick both chops, clean face, purr

Repeat twice a day!

Art Prescription:  We have cats! Three! I’d love a dog too, but for now the cats rule! Artist throughout history have studied the long and graceful lines of cat behavior. My favorite is Steinlen! If you have pets they are perfect for gestural sketching…try and capture the essence of  dog or cat -itude!


Haiku November 10, 2012 Seasonal Change

Red leaf nods to branch

Time for a change, carry on…

Days turn to weeks, months.

Art Prescription:  The most constant thing in life is change. Seasons change, people change, relationships change…Success in life often equals acceptance and gratitude. One day at a time. I had a lovely day! Taught an Art Prescription workshop and here are my demo pieces!
























































Art Prescription Workshop: Holiday Cards

I had a fun group this morning in my Art Prescription (Expressive Painting) holiday card workshop. We played with Sumi-ink and watercolors, practicing two techniques before going on to the cards. It always amazes me how each hand of the artist takes color and line to create their own unique voice. Here are some of their creations!! Aren’t these fantastic! Thanks group!