Beach Time

Jimmy Buffet song

Coffee over-looking sea

Palms wave in the breeze.

Art Prescription: Summer vacations this year may be different for many.

That doesn’t stop you from going to the beach in your mind.

Watercolor sketch:

Do Over II December 7, 2016

Flamingoes came back

A second studio stroll

Dancing on water.

Art Prescription:  I returned to my flamingoes again this morning. This time I planned my compositions for a paired painting. I started with a sketch to make sure I liked my placement of each bird, then did a very watery background. I took my time building up color on each bird, and finally added watery reflections. I’m happy with these paintings!!

Sunset Flamingoes I 72.jpgSunset Flamingoes II 72.jpg

Nova Scotia September 24, 2016

A Digby boat launch

Out into grey-blue waters

Working piece of art.

Art Prescription:  Hi folks! Last two days I’ve had technical difficulty, aka got a new iPhone and don’t know how everything works yet!! In the meantime I’ve finished my first Nova Scotia painting. It’s kind-of intimidating to try and capture the romance and color we saw while there.

Watercolor  and pen and ink 8 1/2 x 11


Sea Horses August 27, 2015

Someone to swim with

Come along by my side and

We will live big life.

Art Prescription:  You can look at your days, weeks, months, years, in one of two ways. One, with total gratitude for all that you are and your health, and all that you have. Or two,  a glass half empty all the time, focusing on every little hang nail that comes your way. Wow! Now that’s some deep decisions! Swim….

Watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper:

Sea Horses