Color Galore May 27, 2014

Shelves of pure color

Buy single or in a group

Paint in a pencil!

Art Prescription:  Field trip to the art store today. Shelves of color, watercolor, acrylic, oils, pastels, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, ink, markers. It’s intoxicating!! And oh all the papers…

Well I survived and got out with some exciting stuff to try. A bargain for the spirit.

new pencils

Gerber Daisy May 25, 2014

Gerber daisy wow!

A sea of velvet petals

In every hue.

Art Prescription:  Any garden shop is a canvas for a floral artist. Nature makes colors we mortals attempt to match. It would be a fun challenge to mix and match each color of this photo. So many shades of pink, red, and yellow…a good learning exercise.

gerber daisy

Pantone Color Mixing February 12, 2014

Shoes sink, snow powder

Fat flakes fall, branches heavy

White winter wonder.

Art Prescription:  Winter storm!!! Beautiful today, snow falling, building a blanket of white across everything. I’m working on a project with very specific Pantone colors. Mixing colors is a challenge and takes some understanding of warm and cool and saturation.

Pantone 5285