Still working on my journal page demo. Added some stamps and a watercolor wash.

Art Prescription: Walk away from your art and when you come back it will speak to you.


Bold little faces

Brave the cold to add color

To winter gardens!

Art Prescription:  When the garden is covered in dried leaves and skeletons of last summer’s flowers, the bold color and determination of pansies, also known as violas, brighten my day. As I turn the curve to walk to my studio I’m met with tricolor faces reaching for the winter sun.

bold pansies

Alone, not lonely

Shear peacefulness, quiet bliss

Hear your own footsteps!

Art Prescription:  Do you enjoy being alone? I do. Even more so when the world is whirling away at the speed of light. I love it so quiet that the only thing I hear are the squirrels chattering, the birds chirping, and the crunch of leaves under each step! and the swish of my paint brush!