You are not alone

A whole community waits

To embrace us all.

Art Prescription:  It’s okay to reach out. We all need community. We all need to feel loved.

8 /12 x 11 watercolor, my chop says “hope”

Iris 72.jpg

Birds of a feather

Stick together thick and thin

Let the sunshine in!

Art Prescription:  When a friend hurts we hurt. Sending love out to some sisters in need.

Birds of a feather

A kindred other

A look of knowing, no words

A bind of comfort.

Art Prescription:  It’s really good to connect with others!


Neighbors, neighborhoods

People and place that nourish

Children play outside.

Art Prescription: It’s Saturday and lawn-mowers are starting to buzz. Folks are getting out, and the sound of children playing fills the air. We live in a wonderful neighborhood. Serendipity put us here…a place to make friends.