Haiku July 4, 2013 Red, White, and Blue

Red, white, and blue day

Parades, flags, dogs with ribbons

Now fire up the grill!

Art Prescription:  On this Independence Day I’m making a delicious dish from India! Home-made garam-masala! Grilled eggplant…etc. We live a rich life with an abundance of everything at our finger-tips. I am thankful!!

july 4

Haiku October 10, 2012 Delicate Life


A song for long precious life.

Holidays are here!

Art Prescription:  The iconoclastic pumpkin is…simply beautiful. I’ve painted, so far, three different variations of the pumpkin and will share in future blogs. I’m busy cutting rice paper leaves for the UNC Hospital Remembering Tree and had lots of small pieces of paper left over. Always a fan of trying a new technique, I made a tiny collage.

Haiku October 8, 2012 Money

Love is currency

Thai soup, home-made bread, laundry!

Account status: Full!

Art Prescription:  In life there are many hours we simply cannot bill for. The major categories are house-work, yard-work, food gathering and preparing, and for mom’s with kids this list is infinity. The pay is love. Creativity comes in many forms!! What a luxury to be able to spend a day adding to life’s account with hand and heart!


Haiku July 6, 2012 Summer Fruit

Big ripe juicy peach

Drips run down my hands and fall

On bare shoeless feet.

Art Prescription:  Summer peaches…yum. I’ve been buying them by the bunch at our local farmer’s market. Eating a ripe peach is a sensual experience! First you smell it…ripe. Then take a big juicy bite into the sweet flesh. Juice explodes into your mouth and if you don’t have a paper towel, runs down your hands. Peaches like this are meant to be eaten sitting on a porch in bare feet soaking up summer sun. Bite after juicy bite drips through your hands and onto your toes. Now you have properly eaten a golden ripe peach!!

Haiku June 6, 2012 Lavender

Pure lavender buds

Essential oil, good for stress

Breath in, ah, breath out.

Art Prescription:  Blooming now! beautiful tall stalks of lavender. Take a bunch and rub it in your hands to release the fragrance. Cut several stems and tie them up in cheesecloth, run hot water over it, for a delightful bath. I’m percolating a few new ideas…really like the idea of combining pen and ink with watercolor!!

Haiku May 26, 2012 Yard Work

Sure euphoria

All day in the yard, flowers

Green, pink, and purple.

Art Prescription:  A far cry from Times Square, we spent an entire day working in our yard. Total bliss! Planted new vinca, inpatients, cosmos, purple petunias, basil, and two cherry tomatoes. May just snip that basil for a pasta and tomato dinner. Sam would not let me “play” until I had all my follow-up emails sent. I’m still processing the show…wow! If you have a dream, be persistent, follow your heart!


Haiku April 24, 2012 Curry

Fresh cut pink roses

Fragrant curry cooks on stove

Tuesday filled with love.

Art Prescription:  After an exciting open studio last night, today was a day to dote on my home and husband. I’m pretty much at my happiest enjoying the luxuries of my garden and kitchen. Six vegetable curry on the stove! Yum! Every day is meant to bring joy. The sights, smells, and spirits of a well-loved home is magic.