Yard swing, days gone by

Time to set a while, talk slow

Linger in the shade.

Art Prescription:  Iconic scene. A century old farm house. An outside setting with a swing for getting together in the yard.

butterfly country life

Laundry flaps in wind

Mares graze, tall grass, buttercups

Afternoon at farm.

Art Prescription:  I sit and watch…observe their ears, their eyes, their tales as they swish at flies. They know I’m there. One of the most joyful things about sketching is simply the art of observation. I notice the sights, sounds, and smells of my surroundings. I get still and take it all in.Blue Skies May 20

Red dress with white fringe

Sexy cowgirl, giddy-up

Kicking up some dust.

Art Prescription: Stay tuned…

City or country?

Bright lights or quiet meadows?

Crowds or solitude?

Art Prescription:  As the holidays approach many people will be leaving home and traveling. For most there are elements of excitement combined with busy days and family dynamics. Take a few minutes each day to get quiet, put your legs up a wall, or shop till you drop if that’s what you like!! Either way, enjoy!


A herd of horses

Come thundering across field

Majestic beauties!

Art Prescription:  Watching Deborah Pearson-Moyers (http://www.blueskiesmapleview.us/aboutus.htm) call her herd of horses and see them galloping across the field for breakfast is simply a moment of pure magic! They were not visible out in the pasture, but her voice had them come over the ridge of the field in one big thundering group. She said, “Listen to that!” Yep she loves it! Me too!

pink horse 72

Smell of hay and oats

Field stretches out…I find you

Kind soul be with me.

Art Prescription:  Day 2 of my Intuitive Horseback riding, a horse named Pinto Bean.  Yep, it’s all that!

kind soul

Down a country lane

Past cedar fences and fields

Cows graze, roosters crow!

Art Prescription:  Take a drive in the country!

funky rooster 4 2012