Field crickets chirp, court

Call out for a female mate

Wind carries their song.

Art Prescription:  Ending my week sitting in the middle of a field with horses and crickets. Most of the song you hear from crickets are the males serenading the females…sound familiar? And it’s their wings that make the sound not their legs. Beautiful to just sit and listen to the breeze, a couple of cardinals, sounds of horses chomping grass, and a distant caw of crows.

Art Journal Sketchbook

Art journal crickets

Certain change in light

Early eve hum of crickets

Is almost August.

Art Prescription:  Junk mail journal page!

Almost August

Crickets and frogs sing

Through my open window now

As moon sweeps the sky!

Art Prescription:  Going to sleep to the tune of the woods, a cool breeze crossing my sheets, and the harvest moon lighting the way, bliss! A very simple pleasure!