Suddenly it’s spring

A shift in the wind, a tease

Winter is not done.

Art Prescription: ¬†Very spring-like day here in North Carolina. I have a feeling that winter has another round of frigid. Right now…I turned my AC on…in February?

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card daffodil 2.jpeg

Life is a circle

Seasons roll, daffodils bloom

A bit early now!

Art Prescription:¬† Daffodils in January are delightful! Brave blooms…


Cheerful daffodil

Sunny yellow first to bloom

Reaching towards sunshine.

Art Prescription: Cool and breezy February day. Daffodils are up and shining their cheerful blooms all over town. They don’t last long, so it’s fun to draw them now.