Cold front moving in

Wind whips tree branches, rattles

Blue birds hunker down.

Art Prescription:  What a fuss? Blue birds claiming territory so early? Perhaps a warm box seems like a good idea!


Blue bird

Winter trees shimmer

Under light cast by street lamps


Art Prescription:  Evening walks this time of year quickly turn into night-time. I enjoy the sculpture quality of bare winter branches in the light of the street lamps.

8 x 8 acrylic

Tree winter

Seconds of my life

Click by on the microwave

Quick grits are ready!

Art Prescription:  And let’s remember each small thing. Lucky to have hot grits with butter, even if I did eat them standing up between patients. A bite here, ooh that’s hot, a bite there, more butter? What do elephants and grits have to do with one another? Hot grits…cute critter with flowers…TGIF y’all!

Index card with colored pencil

Index card elephant

While woods grow gray, cold

Summer lives on in my mind

Roses in full bloom.

Art Prescription:  As the fall color is fading my imagination takes me back to summer.

8 x 8 watercolor, acrylic, and alcohol (ha!) ink

Summer Dreamin


Smell of a wood-fire

Rain soaked leaves land in puddles

Umbrella in hand.

Art Prescription:  Okay so the weather doesn’t usually get me down…but I’m so sick of rain I could scream!!! Okay there! So I picked out a stamp with some lovely pink flowers for today’s Art Prescription. Because like me you might could use a little tropical inspiration.

Index card with colored pencil:

Index card Du Benin

As the trees shed leaves

So begins winter season

Birds sing renewal.

Art Prescription:  As we begin the season of Yin, going into the darker days, I have a sense of renewal. Cleaning the clutter from the year…preparing for the holidays and my open studio.

Index card with Sumi-ink:

Index card Nov birds

Sitting in judgment

The five ladies brood and mope

The Peacock shows out.

Art Prescription: Funny what comes to mind while painting. And I’ll show you some proud peacock later…

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor