When the right time comes

You must garden with sharp shears

To promote blooming!

Art Prescription:  Plant, prune, water, love…and your garden and life will reward you with ample growth!

Index card with a one staple collage and free form stitching:

Index card 2016 29 layers

Glad is in the heart

On their sturdy dark-green stalks

Gladiolas beam.

Art Prescription:  Visited a dear friend to talk about life as we know it. Beside her porch is a lush garden of tall gladiolas. Glad to have good friends!!

Index card with watercolor:

ICAD June 15

Tropicana Rose

Delicate hues of soft pinks

Sumptuous orange.

Art Prescription:  So lovely to have cut flowers from your own garden.

Index card with watercolor:

ICAD June 14


Constructed of sun-baked bricks

Dwelling place for gods.

Art Prescription:  With this prompt, pyramids, I can only think of how ancient civilization really is. Humbling…

Index card with collage and colored pencil:ICAD June 2

The ballerina

And the street dancer know that

It’s all poetry.

Art Prescription:  Collage, watercolor, and acrylic on index card

ICAD 2016 June 1

ICAD 2016 CoverICAD starts June one

Index card art for two months

Daily challenges!

Art Prescription:  So ICAD 2016 starts tomorrow. Most days through June and July I will be working from prompts from Daisy Yellow http://daisyyellowart.com/vividlife/icad-2016-prompts-week-1

I did this last year and it’s such a fun way to create everyday. As you all know I create on index cards all through the year. They lend themselves to all kinds of media.

Join us!!

ICAD 2016 Cover Card:


Romantic garden

Cut flowers in Mason Jar

Always for my love.

Art Prescription:  Cut flowers in the house…

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil

ICAD 23 Romantic