As life whizzes by

Perhaps we should get out our

Amazing color.

Art Prescription:  Because no two days are alike…and why would you want to wait anyways to show your best, your truth, your individuality. It’s a fast ride, so fasten your seatbelt and feel everything.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11

Goldfinch August 72.jpg

And still there are things

We hold precious with dear thought

O the heart’s wisdom.

Art Prescription:  Live close to home and true to your heart…

Index card watercolor sketch:

Index card Maya.jpeg

A fall dream weaver

Work of spun art in hay room

What does your web catch?

Art Prescription:  So if your web catches ease with a focus on gratitude and all the good things in your life… what  do you weave? If your web catches stress and always looking for things to go wrong…what do you weave?

So like this spider who weaves her best web ever, can you expect good things to happen? Can you get away from the spider next door who says, “we won’t catch anything, it’s useless.”

Weave your web with joy and good things will come…

Watercolor sketch:


Doors beckon us in

Whether real or in our minds

What’s on other side?

Art Prescription:  Is there a lock? Are we afraid? Are we brave? Are we curious? Do we want change? Well…

Index card with watercolor:

ICAD 2016 July 26

Birds of a feather

Stick together thick and thin

Let the sunshine in!

Art Prescription:  When a friend hurts we hurt. Sending love out to some sisters in need.

Birds of a feather

Calling on a ghost

I ask the past to visit

Yearning for my youth.

Art Prescription:  I know…heavy. Seems Saturn has payed a visit. All good. A little self-reflection is a sign of growth. Hold on spring is coming.

Heart Window I 1

The light in a home
Creates space for soul to breathe.
Why live in the dark!

Art Prescription: Missing my bright sunny home!