Diva Chronicles

Hi Fans!!

Mom has been super busy with my big brother Finn. Just wanted to drop in and say I’m fine!!

New Car Seat
I continue to set boundaries with BlackBerry

Life is good!


Diva “las Vegas”

The Diva Chronicles

So here in NC we are expecting snow! Oh just torture me! I will need of course to go out and get my feet wet!

I much prefer a warm lap in the sun!

I really don’t like coats much, so my outings in my opinion need to be short and sweet.

Turn the heat on!

Lucky for me I have a warm bed and I can pull my covers up over my head.

So long from winter in NC,


My bed.

The Diva Chronicles

Hello my loyal Diva fans,

So it looks like for now I’m staying here in NC. I’m pretty happy about that cause I get to do lots of extracurricular activities with Bev and Sam.

Last weekend we went hiking!
I was pooped on the ride home.
Today I got to roll in horse farm goo!!

And then once home I promptly got a bath!!

Matisse and I like each other, with respect.
I’m a cuddle bug.

So as you can see life is pretty awesome! I feel loved and my athletic ability is better.

Thanks for checking in!


Diva Las Vegas

The Diva Chronicles

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I caught you up. I’m doing great!

I got to go to the beach and run around with the seagulls:

That was fun, but going to the farm and rolling in horse poop still tops the beach! Course, I always have to get a bath after:

Me and Matisse continue to bond: (are you serious?):

My athletic prowess is increasing everyday: