Sweet Bunny

Grazing on clover

Ears alert to run like mad

Under the briars.

Art Prescription: Lucky to live in a neighborhood that has natural habitat. I often see deer, rabbits, turtles, herons, etc. on my walks.

Wall of Rain

A grey wall of rain

Thundered across the meadow

Loud on the tin roof.

Art Prescription: Thunderstorms crop up this time of year catching you in a downpour.

Working with fabric: kit listed in my Etsy shop!!

En Plein Air

This morning I headed out to the barn to sketch en plein Air!

I set up in the shade. Horses are difficult to draw. Lots of proportions and shading to get right.

When sketching, I’m mostly interested in capturing a gesture.

I worked with oil pastels and sumi ink:

Make Your Next Move

It’s a cat and mouse

A play of senses and game

Now, make your next move.

Art Prescription: I’m trying to maintain my sense of humor through these times.

Did yoga in my garage while our state is under weather watch.

Always a found feather gives me hope!


A gift box! peaches

The scent of home-made cobbler

My Nanny’s pie crust.

Art Prescription: My favorite yellow cat Matilda was a super good girl while her parents were on vacation.