Bird bath is frozen

Seeds and nuts are going fast

My backyard bird scene

Art Prescription: I can always tell when winter is moving in. My bird feeder is hopping with our regular cold weather customers.

I continue to explore how to blend my art with Stitch Kits.

This is one of my originals printed on fabric and offered in my Etsy shop as a kit!

Holiday Projects

Ready to deck halls

Go into full holidaze

Smell of a fresh pine.

Art Prescription: Maybe the fullness of the year, maybe looking for spirit, maybe just like the lights…

We might put our tree up early.

Holiday Stitch Kit available in my Etsy shop:


Golden yellows, reds

Half on trees, half on the ground

Fall peak, then winter.

Art Prescription: Seems like fall peak here. Colors are gorgeous, and leaves are falling steadily.

I’m working on a new Stitch Kit.


Product Development


So I’m working on some Christmas Stitch Kit designs.

Here’s a little behind the scenes pics:

Working off of a recent watercolor.
I cut fabric and glued.
Then I stitched my design. I have some fine tuning to do.

I’m hoping this will make a nice Christmas gift!

Wall of Rain

A grey wall of rain

Thundered across the meadow

Loud on the tin roof.

Art Prescription: Thunderstorms crop up this time of year catching you in a downpour.

Working with fabric: kit listed in my Etsy shop!!


A jacket in June?

Warm layers for rainy walk

Smell gardenias.

Art Prescription: I don’t ever remember needing a jacket in June. It’s usually sweltering hot.

This is a pattern made from acrylic paint, a stencil, and colored pencil. Now I’ve made mini cards to go in my Stitch Kits.

Stitch Kits

Hi Y’all,

I’ll get back to watercolor soon. I’m enjoying brainstorming and creating these slow stitch kits.

It’s meditative to just sit and stitch and there is an abstract quality to my patterns.

Two listed in my Etsy shop!