The box is clean now

Blue birds will begin their dance

Fore play to a nest.

Textile art listed in my Etsy shop. One of a kind stitched goodness! Frame or sew on your jean jacket.



New Ideas

Time to perculate

Bring the gerbil in to home

Off the running wheel!

Art Prescription: Having extra time to work on some ideas has been nice.

I’m hoping to soon list an embroidery kit in my Etsy shop.

This is ready to embroider.

Slow Stitching


A needle, thread, slow stitching

Embroidery rose.

Art Prescription: Today while it was cool and rainy, I stitched the rose.

I’m putting together a kit idea. A kit would come with everything to stitch this mini piece of art.

It could be framed or made into a pin-cushion or lavender sachet.