Haiku March 14, 2013 Energy Field

Like dye in water

Contagious emotions

Trickle through people.

Art Prescription:  Are you aware of the energy you give off? Ever witnessed something like:   the boss comes into work in a bad mood, she shares it, then later that energy is passed on to an unsuspecting person, who then leaves work and on the ride home has road rage…the recipient carries that agitation onward, yells at her cat, the cat takes a swipe at the dog, the dog decides to chew a hole in the husband’s brand new sneakers, the husband comes home to tell about his swell day to a disgruntled crew…and everyone goes to bed grumpy!! Rewind…What if at first pass that negative energy could be re-routed?

How do you “shake it off”, “turn the other cheek”, “re-frame”, and “let the buck stop there?”

I write haiku!! and paint!! Creativity is an excellent channel for stress, and increases good chemicals in your brain for positive emotions.