En Plein Air

This morning I headed out to the barn to sketch en plein Air!

I set up in the shade. Horses are difficult to draw. Lots of proportions and shading to get right.

When sketching, I’m mostly interested in capturing a gesture.

I worked with oil pastels and sumi ink:

Home Sweet Home

Hi guys!!

I’m home from the beach and our house had spotty reception. Not a bad thing for vacation I suppose.

I did post daily on Instagram.

This morning I did a grandson and grandmother (social distancing) art class in my backyard. What fun!

Hope you all are staying healthy and creative as our changed world moves forward.



Everything I Need

Just outside my door

Is everything I need

Backyard paradise.

Art Prescription: I know some of you have really suffered with Covid. I feel so fortunate to be such a home-body.

En Plein Air watercolor: Bee Balm:

Time for Class August 26, 2016

Adult coloring

A garden on paper for

Colored pencil fun.

Art Prescription:  Tomorrow I’m teaching an adult coloring class at the NC Botanical Garden. “Teaching” coloring doesn’t really represent what I do. What I will really be doing is giving adults permission to play. To allow themselves the freedom to put color to paper while their blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing all slow down to a meditative state.

Here is my colored version of the pen and ink:

Wildflower 2016 color 72

Still Life January 14, 2016

A huddle of leaves

A January still life

Together we fall.

Art Prescription:  Perfect temperature for a nature walk. Lots of birds singing, robins, nuthatches, cedar waxwings, chickadees, cardinals. I was looking to see what might be coming out of the ground, but instead found this bunch of leaves an interesting subject.

Pen and Ink Sketch en plein air in my art journal and colored pencil once home:

Art journal january 3


Pregnant with Possibility August 26, 2013

He holds her steady

She carries eight months in front

Soon will be strolling!

Art Prescription:  Ah, the life cycle…went to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens today to sketch. This time of year the flowers are starting to go to seed, preparation for a new spring, new plants. The shapes and textures of pods are interesting. At some point I shall do a study of pods. For now the flowers are still in bloom, and the butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds are abundant…heaven.

August 2013

Haiku May 4, 2013 Spring Trees

Wind rolls through the trees

Branches wave about with grace

Leaves whisper and stir.

Art Prescription:  Spent much of my day at Mason Farm Biological Preserve! Heard “my” owls, but they were hiding. The beautiful lush green trees are like emeralds in the sky.

Spring Trees