We must move forward

Across the fields of unknown

In search of better.

Art Prescription:

“Go on with a spirit that fears nothing”


Index card watercolor sketch:

Index card horses.jpeg

We all are story

Shaped by our past, what we are

Listen, you will hear.

Art Prescription:  The shear act of listening is an art. In our push a button hyped up world of texting and immediate gratification, do we really take the time to listen to others? I love my gadgets… and I also love slowing down at the farm with the horses. Really nice.

Finn's Truth

It’s all about trust

Bare-back on a horse, they know

It’s one to one now.

Art Prescription:  Had my first Intuitive Horseback Riding lesson today, bare-back!! Did yoga on a horse to start, and then practiced closing my eyes and feeling how the horse was stepping next.

trust horses