Fairy Hunting

Fairy purveyors

A skill to be developed

Journal for records.

Art Prescription: If you aren’t keeping a fairy journal during these times, then you are missing out on magic.

Serious fairy hunters know keeping records is a must. Fairies are of course mysterious.

Local fairies have provided journals for those on the look out for all good among all people.

Spring Scout March 8, 2014

On the scout for spring

She takes flight over meadow

Snow melts, rivers swell.

Art Prescription:  Hang tight readers…I’m on a hunt for some original fairies. Lots of sketches and it’s harder than I thought. Being original is extremely difficult in a world where everything has been done hundreds of times, especially now with the internet. This is where the joy of our own imagination comes into play, and so play I will!!

p.s. You might recognize two recycled paintings here…

Bee Balm Fairy


Warm Studio March 7, 2014

Warm studio waits

For fairies who pack their bags

To reign the woodlands.

Art Prescription:  Working on some woodland fairies. Hard to decide if I want to go realistic or animated or somewhere in the middle. Love the idea of spring wildflowers with pretty, dainty fairies!!


Magic Meadow September 23, 2013

Magic meadow wind

The breath of  woodland fairies

Stay awhile, listen.

Art Prescription:  We hiked both weekend days at Mason Farm, a local wildlife preserve close to home. It’s a spirit-filled place for both of us. A place to be still and quiet and listen to the wind.

magic meadow