Fall Trees in Watercolor

I taught a wonderful group of eager folks today at the NC Botanical Garden.

My style of teaching is to show several demonstrations of techniques and then invite each student to paint what inspires them.

It’s alway so rewarding to see how individual each painting turns out.

This is my demo painting. I added some details back in my studio with pen and ink.

Haiku September 20, 2012 Closet Moves

Shorts start to recede

Jackets, sweaters take center

Soon coats will appear.

Art Prescription:  It was 54 degrees when I left the house this morning. On the bus into work I notice the exchange of summer shorts and flip-flops for a bit more coverage. Scarves, fashionable year-round, now start to take on functionality. I love the change of seasons! As the trees begin to lose their leaves, us humans begin to layer.  Notice each day the subtle…