Magic Meadow September 23, 2013

Magic meadow wind

The breath of  woodland fairies

Stay awhile, listen.

Art Prescription:  We hiked both weekend days at Mason Farm, a local wildlife preserve close to home. It’s a spirit-filled place for both of us. A place to be still and quiet and listen to the wind.

magic meadow

Flying Bugs September 22, 2013

Grasshoppers set sail

Over thickets of purple

Yellow Golden Rod!

Art Prescription:  Lots of flying grasshoppers today and dragonflies. Interesting behavior, dragonflies dipping their tails into puddles of water. They are laying eggs. Dragonflies dip and swoop,  territorial action…flying bugs!

mason farm september



Fall Meadow September 21, 2013

The corn fields been plowed

Tall brownish stalks bend to ground

Asters fill meadows.

Art Prescription:  Another day in the country. Went and helped paint barns at the farm where I’m riding horses. Then walked with hubby at Mason Farm, our favorite place. The wildflowers are plenty. Started a painting…stay tuned for tomorrow…I’ll finish!!

mf draft