Shelter From Storm October 7, 2016

Keep your loved ones close

Seek shelter from hurricane

Prayers for safety.

Art Prescription:  As hurricane Matthew continues a destructive path, my heart goes out to all the loss of life in Haiti. I pray for the safety of everyone in the path of this storm. We are two hours from the North Carolina coast and watching with apprehension.


My Brother December 28, 2014

Lean on me today

I will stand tall and strong now

Catch you if you fall.

Art Prescription:  This post is for my brother, who reminded me over the holidays that he is here for me. Through thick and thin he is there to lean on.

Index Card, pen and ink, colored pencil, stamp = hope

index card lean

Haiku February 18, 2013 Travel

Where ever you go

There you most certainly are

Key is to fit in.

Art Prescription:  I guess the theme this week is uniqueness. A key to life, however, seems to be to be able to fit in where you are. To blend, be a good listener, and hope people around you feel heard, acknowledged, and at ease.