Graze February 5, 2016

Like spaghetti strands

Horses eat steady supply

Of hay to keep warm.

Art Prescription:  My horse is so well cared for during these cold winter nights. He gets lots of hay to keep his metabolism going, which is how horses stay warm. Night, night, Finn…

Watercolor 8 x 8:

Finn grass Feb

Glamour June 17, 2014

Diamonds and pearls

Everyday glamorous

Audrey Hepburn chic.

Art Prescription:  As I sit here all moist with perspiration (aka sweat), in my summer shorts and tees, I wonder did these glamour queens always look this fresh? Did they wear diamonds and pearls to the movies and eat buttered popcorn with their bare hands? Surely they held their pinky finger just so while sipping tea. I’ll be right back….I’m boiling some fresh corn on the cob!!

Audrey Hepburn

Horseback March 19, 2014

View from the saddle

Velvet attentive ears, and


Art Prescription:  I rode Doc today at Women’s Intuitive Riding at Blue Skies Looking down at his beautiful profile and soft ears, I couldn’t help but think of what a spectacular view this is!

View from saddle

Farm Cure January 15, 2014

Warm sun hits my back

Barn cat slithers by for strokes

Roosters crow next door.

Art Prescription:  I went out to Blue Skies of Mapleview farm today for some soul restoration. Sitting under the big blue sky with horses soothes my restless spirit. Took my sketchbook.

Blue Skyblue sky 2