Better together

We sit at the meadow’s edge

Two hearts beat as one.

Art Prescription: My husband spoils me…grocery shopped and made dinner!!

Fox human.jpeg

Keep your loved ones close

Seek shelter from hurricane

Prayers for safety.

Art Prescription:  As hurricane Matthew continues a destructive path, my heart goes out to all the loss of life in Haiti. I pray for the safety of everyone in the path of this storm. We are two hours from the North Carolina coast and watching with apprehension.


Winter snow vixen

Looks for a fine place to nap

Digs a cozy nest.

Art Prescription: Aren’t foxesFox snow adorable…My Asian chop says “hope” or “rare expectation” in Chinese, and my name Bei Fu Lie.

Watercolor 8 1/2 x 11

Time specializes

In alterations of dreams

It is not too late.

Art Prescription:  As I went about helping to prepare the farm for a winter storm, I had a thought of wishing this love had of occurred earlier in my life. Then I realized it’s just PERFECT.

Watercolor sketch study of a fox