Dairy Farm September 27, 2014

A place for ice-cream

Rolling country where cows graze

Big, tall, grain silos.

Art Prescription:  Took my blanket, binoculars, and sketchbook out to the country today. Plopped myself on a hill over-looking a dairy farm. Meanwhile people wandered into the store for fresh and local ice-cream cones.

Mapleview sketch.jpg

Farm Fresh March 13, 2014

Farmer fresh produce

Feed family organic

Fruit, vegetables.

Art Prescription:  We are so fortunate to have lots of organic farmers in our area. And three local farmer’s markets that make shopping local convenient and fun, including LoMo Market which travels around the triangle delivery fresh goods on wheels!!

Organic Collage

Haiku June 19, 2013 Summer Ritual

Big, red, ripe, juicy

Fresh produce, farm to market

Tomato sandwich!

Art Prescription:  Summer means juicy, sun-ripened tomatoes. I know there is a lot of argument out there with how to appropriately build a tomato sandwich. Some are strictly BLT advocates…and yes this is a good option. Others say mayonnaise is the essential makings of a tomato sandwich. Me. I’m a purist. Just a freshly sliced tomato on bread and I can taste the sun.

market tomatoes