Orange, red, and pink

Collaborate on summer

Color tour de force.

Art Prescription:  I recently picked up a set of colored pencils from a tag sale. Yep! It’s addicting…

Index card with colored pencil and collage:

ICAD 18 Orange

Hot bubblegum pink

Petunias spill outward

Wave to butterflies.

Art Prescription:  This started as a watercolor pencil sketch in my garden on mixed-media paper. Then I took it into my studio and washed it down with water. I added watercolor loosely over pencil strokes and then spattered a bit! FUN!

Pink Petunias

Freshly washed by rain

Nothing compares, sweet basil

For corn succotash.

Art Prescription:  The scent of basil after a good summer rain is intoxicating. So I brought some inside to add to my fresh corn off-the-cob and tomato succotash. 

Part of my mission for the Art Prescription is to encourage others to create. Keep an art journal, paint, or sketch. I’m developing some materials you can use in your next mix-media project available in my shop

journal july 16


Bucolic landscape

Cosmos wind upwards, gold flags

Cone flowers stand guard.

Art Prescription:  Rode Lacey today!! Meadow ride across freshly cut pastures, bucolic. Then home to sketch in my own garden. Grateful for this day.

sketchbook july 12

Bouquet of pencils

Fresh sharp points for delicate

An eye for details.

Art Prescription:  As I survey my blooming garden, I’m amazed at nature’s patterns and details. Time to sharpen my colored pencils for some field sketching!!

Colored pencils

Garden art fairy

Sketches and paints for shear bliss

A gift to stranger.

Art Prescription:  I went to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens today to field sketch. Using pen and ink and watercolor pencils, I worked on 3 x 5 index cards. And as I finished one I gave it to the first person who came by.

iron weed


He holds her steady

She carries eight months in front

Soon will be strolling!

Art Prescription:  Ah, the life cycle…went to the North Carolina Botanical Gardens today to sketch. This time of year the flowers are starting to go to seed, preparation for a new spring, new plants. The shapes and textures of pods are interesting. At some point I shall do a study of pods. For now the flowers are still in bloom, and the butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds are abundant…heaven.

August 2013