White Gardenias

Sweet perfume in the garden

Petals velvet soft

Art Prescription: The scent of gardenias is unmatched. Their sweet perfume will follow you around the garden.

I did a simple pen and ink sketch on blue card stock…. just the basics, soothing.

Haiku July 8, 2013 Spiragira!

Sun spiragira

Intricate patterns emerge

Rings of rays blossom,

Art Prescription:  Did you know the “petals” of the sunflower are not true petals? The true flowers are the tiny rays that form the amazing spiral design on the head of a sunflower and many other “ray” flowers. Here’s another watercolor pencil sketch, finished with a quick big brush of water.


Haiku June 25, 2013 Backyard Sketch

Backyard pen and ink

Hummingbirds fly by as I

Capture a moment.

Art Prescription:  I love sketching in my garden!! Simply, sit, watch, sketch with pen and ink. Sometimes when you just sit still nature will come to you. I always wish, oh! need my camera…and then remind myself to just be in the moment.

coneflowers 2013