She Let Go December 1, 2016

A full box, heavy

How to let go? find lightness?

Soar free like a bird.

Art Prescription:  Our lungs are the organs that carry grief…no wonder so many people become ill with colds and coughs around the holidays. Let’s do this different!! Be grateful for each day. Live in the moment. Realize that all you have is all you need!

Out at the farm with Finn this afternoon I saw a flock of geese returning to their roost. Amazing to see how they all work together.

8 x 8 watercolor

Geese 2.jpeg

Geese October 16, 2016

In the gloaming now

The geese line up to take flight

And with one sound, whoosh!

Art Prescription:  I love watching animals communicating. They seem to do such a better job than us humans. In unison bird flocks, horse herds, and geese make a move at the same time, as if choreographed.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor with pen and ink


Flock of Geese October 25, 2013

Geese float in the sun

Soon to gather on shore and

Take flight in a V.

Art Prescription:  As the sun heads down, the geese on the pond take in the last remaining rays. They wade around, seemingly not doing. Then as if choreographed, they move to line up on shore and take off forming the classic V shaped flight pattern.  I’ve heard that geese stick together. If one goose goes down, the others go down until they know that the flock must go on. My work with horses is like that. The good of the herd is of up-most importance.

fly away