Haiku April 8, 2013 Grandmother

Remembering her

Small bathroom smelled like Dove soap

White uniform starched.

Art Prescription:  My grandmother’s birthday was April 6th. So I’ve had her and memories of her on my mind. She was a nurse, and I was scripted to take after her in every way.  Her shoes hung in an over-the-closet shoe container. Like me though, or should I say like her…we both prefer to be in the garden!!

Annie's shoes

Haiku April 6, 2012


Some have it others do not

Why spend life idle?

Art Prescription:  Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She was one of the most industrious people I’ve ever known. She lived alone and made her life complete and content by gardening, quilting, canning, cooking, sewing, reading… I feel very sorry for people who can’t find their way in the world with purpose and energy. We have this one precious life to live each day to its fullest!! I’m extremely thankful I married an industrious man…made my grandma proud!! Happy Birthday Annie! Miss you!