Gardening gadget

An old pair of shears to cut

A vase of posies.

Art Prescription:  Just simply graphite…so soothing.

Index card with graphite:

Index card 2017 19 Gadget.jpeg

Blossom gone to seed

Beautiful structure remains

Season at it’s end.

Art Prescription:  After several busy days working on landscape commissions, I felt the need to do something simple and soothing. My coneflowers have gone to seed and I find them so beautiful. Two simple tools, a pen and pencil. Peaceful.

Graphite and Pen on Bristol


New parent training

Four legs, boundless energy

A black lab puppy!

Art Prescription:  After two busy days at my RN job, I was delighted to meet Molly!! Two young parents brave their first, “she only wakes us up once.”

Lab puppy

Creamy morning dove

High in tree top late day sun

Coos softly for mate.

Art Prescription:  Caught a glimpse of a creamy-white breast of a mourning dove. Warm afternoon sun just right. Coos, reminiscent of summers at my grandmother’s pond.

Mourning Dove

February sun

Six B graphite, smooth and dark

Spring blooms on paper.

Art Prescription: The blooms in my mind take me through February. Get your pencils out and let graphite glide across your paper!!