Tide of Life

Bits, pieces, and whole

The tide brings in all of life

Each day with sunrise.

Art Prescription: No matter where we are in life, the sun rises. We must face the day with our good times and in times of loss.

Time heals our losses, and hope moves us forward.

Art Journal:

Guests on Earth January 11, 2014

Wild horses couldn’t

Drag me away from my world

We are all guests here.

Art Prescription:  Sadly another dear furry friend left us, Lily. Peace be with her family.

My husband Sam, also wrote a haiku. These two cats were part of our lives and will be missed.

Ship sets sail and fades
Toward horizon, lost from view
Arrived to new plane

In memorium:
Lilly and Roo

Wild Horses.jpb 1

Remembering Tree November 5, 2013

Remembering tree

An act of art to mourn loss

You are not alone.

Art Prescription:  My stark tree coming to life as people remember a loved one. Through art, people grieve, feel less alone in their sorrow, and create beauty. Thank you Heidi Gessner, UNC Bereavement Coordinator, for inviting me to be a part of this service!

remembering tree 2013