Just then she was there

Perched in a dogwood, hunting

Swooped up in a pine.

Art Prescription: I love when I feel visited by Mother Nature. Today on my walk I spent some time visiting with a hawk.

I think a Red-shouldered Hawk.

Bustle November 25, 2014

Hawk 1

Holiday traffic

All the fixings, loaded carts

Plans for gratitude.

Art Prescription:  Wow, holiday hustle and bustle. My hope is that as we all sit down to share Thanksgiving dinner, we will also give thanks for the natural world around us. It’s pretty amazing…

6 x 9 colored pencil and pen and ink

Haiku August 5, 2013 Nature Tactics

Army of songbirds

Descend on intruder hawk

The war of nature.

Art Prescription:  While taking a ride on my bike, I noticed a bunch of racket going on in the woods. I stopped and scanned the trees for the action. Then I saw a rooster-sized hawk being bombarded by many songbirds…cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers…They were all working as a team to make the intruder flee. Finally after much feather pecking, the hawk took off to nearby pines. The persistent songbirds followed. Amazing!

August Hawk