Split Personality May 23, 2014

Two worlds, artist, nurse

Some days my hat does not fit

Either, want to rest!

Art Prescription:  I’ve been weaving my two worlds of nursing and art together for about 10 years…maybe 11…or all my life…which came first? I love both in many ways. Often it’s the transition that is hardest. What hats do you wear? Which hat fits you best? Fits your spirit?



Watercolor Wings September 30, 2013

A soothing series

Flitter, flutter, butterflies

Collection of wings!

Art Prescription:  Taking a subject and doing multiples is skill building. You find out what works and what doesn’t, you can play with color, size, and composition.  I’m doing these for a note card design for UNC Hospitals. Which one do you like?

studio group

Haiku May 6, 2013 Trust Your Muse

To trust in your muse

Step aside for a new voice

Completely let go!!

Art Prescription:  I had a great group today in my Art Prescription: Art Journaling Workshop. I asked them to do something really hard. Put together a collage of beautiful images, and then completely paint over it!! I have to say there was reluctance. I gently prodded, and even encouraged one participant to retrieve her “trashed” painting and stick with the transition. So many life metaphors. The theme was Wholeness, and I wanted them to work through creating something and then let go of the original piece, transition it to something brand new, healing.  Their end products were amazing!! and suddenly they saw that their muse was there all along!!

art rx May 6