Haiku March 6, 2013 Library Woes

Heart beats for knowledge

So many books, day, seconds

To take it all in!

Art Prescription:  Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you walk into a library or book store and think I want to read it all!! Life is so glorious and complicated, and there is so much to learn! Was it Shakespeare who said, “the world is too much.”

Wildflower Dream March

Haiku February 10, 2013 Master Painters

Thick vivid brush strokes

My eyes follow color, line

Great master painters!

Art Prescription:  I went to the Nasher Museum today to see  Collecting Matisse and Modern Masters: The Cone Sisters of Baltimore. Stunning show! From the Nasher site:

“Henri Matisse fondly called Dr. Claribel and Miss Etta Cone “my two Baltimore ladies.” The two Cone sisters began buying art directly out of the Parisian studios of avant-garde artists in 1905. At a time when critics disparaged Matisse, and Pablo Picasso was virtually unknown, the Cones followed their passions and amassed one of the world’s greatest art collections. The exhibition tells this story and features more than 50 of these masterpieces–including paintings, sculptures and works on paper by Matisse, Picasso, Gauguin, Renoir, van Gogh, Pissarro, Courbet and more–on loan from The Baltimore Museum of Art.

In addition to modern masterpieces, the exhibition includes textiles and decorative arts from Europe, Asia and Africa that the Cones collected, as well as photographs and archival materials to highlight the remarkable lives of these sisters. Also featured in the exhibition will be an interactive virtual tour of their adjoining Baltimore apartments, showing their remarkable collection as it was displayed in their home.

All works are from the collection of The Baltimore Museum of Art: The Cone Collection, formed by Dr. Claribel Cone and Miss Etta Cone of Baltimore, Maryland.”


be mine daisy

Haiku December 6, 2012 Compassion

Compassion:  to walk

A brief time in other’s shoes

Give of time and heart.

Art Prescription:  The holiday season brings out extremes in feelings. At any given point in life you or I may respond differently to a world where “everyone else seems normal.” No matter what holiday you celebrate, there is bound to be some roller-coaster of emotions. The perfect gift, time and heart!