Cuddle, laugh, repeat

Go on long hikes in the woods

Make morning coffee.

Art Prescription:  Love is simple…love is kind…

Art journal 8 x 8 with watercolor and collage:

Art journal Valentine.jpeg

Life, many layers

The lived days add, a year

To lead with your heart.

Art Prescription:  How you spend your days add up to how your spend your year…

Collage and sewing on paper:

Bird eggs sew.jpeg

Bye February

With your snow and sleet, long walks

Peaceful in the woods.

Art Prescription:  We enjoyed a long walk at Mason Farm today crunching in the still thick snow. Just me and my love…

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor, collage, pen and ink

Heart Collage

Just caught a snowflake

Big, white amazing design

Melted in my hand.

Art Prescription:  8 1/2 x 8 1/2 watercolor

Blue Heart copy

Beneath the frozen

Lies bulbs preparing for their

Surprise spring debut!

Art Prescription:  I remembered today that I planted a bed of tulip bulbs last fall! Anticipation!

heart wrap


Beauty of the world

If somehow it could be locked

Held in the spirit.

be mine content

This Haiku O Gram is available