A Day Off September 11, 2014

Blue Skies September

Place where time stands still

Gentle wind rolls across field

Horses graze on grass.

Art Prescription:  Took my sketchbook and big old sun hat out to Blue Skies today. Took a chair and sat in the paddock, being part of the herd. So hot.  They were fine to just let me be there. We know you and you are okay to hang-out with us. They stood lazy, swishing their tails against the flies, sun on their strong backs.

New Horses May 7, 2014

Two new mares arrive

The herd greets them politely

Boys settle some turf!!

Art Prescription:  Fascinating day at the farm. Two new mares are coming to visit Blue Skies of Mapleview. So some mixing up of the paddocks was involved. The home-horses were all a bit like, what? new? where is she going? And the two new mares were like, this place has exquisite hay, and we like all the attention, which we will ignore because, well we are new. The boys suffered a bit…Girl Power!!!

Lacy, watercolor pencil quick sketch with graphite.