New Trail

A new walking trail

Ruby-crowned kinglet and hawk

And a hermit thrush.

Art Prescription: we ventured out today on a new local trail. It’s a paved walking trail and it wanders into wooded wetlands.

Wish I had my binoculars!!!

Quiet Walk September 12, 2015

The woods are quiet

My bike wheels spin on the trail

Flowers go to seed.

Art Prescription:  Sam and I went to Tobacco Trail today. We drove out across Jordan Lake to the portion of the trail that crosses the wetlands of the lake. We saw four different kinds of woodpeckers. They have a primo opportunity in that habitat with all the stags. I’m coloring my Art Prescription Deck to make thumbnails for final production. This is the fun part!

Each 5 x 7 card in the deck will be printed on Bristol Vellum – an artist grade paper! The botanical names will be listed and the family.

Blackberry Lily – Belamcancia chinensis – Iris Family

Persian Speedwell – Veronica persica – Figwort Family

Art Rx blackberry lily color 72

Color Yourself August 24, 2015

Fall wildflowers bloom

Dot the meadows and woods for

Butterflies to feed.

Art Prescription:  Hiked Mason Farm this past weekend. Beautiful wildflowers and lots of butterflies. Feeds my muse.

Here is a little drawing for you to color! You can print it off and color with your favorite art tools! Secret…I’m working on a new Art Prescription (™) adult coloring product…due out October!

Index card with pen and ink:

Index card butterfly color 1

Northern Parula April 25, 2015

Northern Parula

Steady song in the forest

Lulled by the soft rain.

Art Prescription:  Early hike at Mason Farm and the rain caught us. It was quite peaceful walking under the canopy of trees while the rain pitter-pattered on leaves.

Collage, colored pencil and graphite:

Art journal Northern Parula