Horses Know March 11, 2015

Sugar, spice, and sass

Sweet little mare with long bangs

Knew what I needed.

Art Prescription:  I rode Shelly today. After feeding over the winter I was intrigued by this spirited mare. She would always come to greet me at the gate. Finn is healing and getting some time off. I really enjoyed Shelly’s energy today…just what I needed.

Art Journal with pen and ink and collage:

Art Journal Shelly

Delayed Dreams February 25, 2015

Time specializes

In alterations of dreams

It is not too late.

Art Prescription:  As I went about helping to prepare the farm for a winter storm, I had a thought of wishing this love had of occurred earlier in my life. Then I realized it’s just PERFECT.

Watercolor sketch study of a fox


Reality January 30, 2015

Too tired to write

I glue a few odds and ends

My mind a great fog.

Art Prescription:  After two days of my RN job I’m pooped!!! I started a collage and then just sat there…blank. What no Art Prescription? I’ll go dig in the vault for some art.

From the vault…

August bloom 300