All along the ground

Wildflowers mingled with grass

Sway in the saddle.

Art Prescription:  Took a long trail ride today! Perfect weather and the scent of honeysuckle filled the air. Along the ground I saw purple-spring vetch, clover, and purple nettle.

Wet in wet watercolor:

Wildflowers trail ride.jpeg

At the sideline, I

Watch her canter through the field

I’m jealous and proud.

Art Prescription:  This beautiful young lady rides my horse Finn on Tuesdays. She loves him. Today I watched her ride and felt both a sense of true pride to see my beautiful horse move, and I have to admit, jealousy. It’s okay though, it’s a win-win, and is super good for him. He OF COURSE! knows I’m his momma and loves me MORE. LOL,  Sweet boy…

Finn and Laura.jpg

When a clip-clop-clip

A knicker, and hay chomping

Soothe your heart and soul.

Art Prescription:  Doing ground-work today with Finn I was reminded how much I love the sound of his hooves taking step after step. He knickers at me as I approach his paddock, surely food related, but I like to believe it’s because he looks forward to our time together as much as I do.

Finn in the Buttercups iPhoto:

Finn March 26 2017.jpg

Finn softly nickers

As I roll the hay cart up

To  winter paddock.

ARt Prescription:  Beautiful and cool NC day at the farm. Finn got a spa day…just grooming and petting and kissing.

Index card with pen and ink and colored pencil:

Index card horse am.jpeg

Pulling at the bit

Takes off into a cantor

Windy day at farm.

Art Prescription:  I could tell the minute I haltered Finn that he was energized. So beautiful these feeling creatures.

Watercolor 8 x 8

Finn wind 1.jpeg

Clear skies, hawks, blue birds

Early morning crisp, cold, air

I feed the horses.

Art Prescription: After a busy Open Studio, it was so peaceful to go out on a cold winter morning and be with the horses.

Horses blue skies.jpg

Hold reins with thumbs up

As if a glass of champagne

Bubbles rising up.

Art Prescription:  Did a private lesson today on Finn! So much good stuff…gonna be sore! Can’t wait to start my Women’s Intuitive Riding!! Working on an alternative palette of colors.

8 1/2 x 11 watercolor

Horse greens 72