Down on the Farm December 18, 2013

Down on the horse farm

Fresh air and work and horse pets

Body works, mind rests.

Art Prescription:  Went out to the farm today to work…farm work…get dirty, use your muscles, wear high boots work!! And I loved it. Reward…grooming a couple of dirty winter coats, and taking in the senses that is a farm!!


Galloping Horses September 25, 2013

A herd of horses

Come thundering across field

Majestic beauties!

Art Prescription:  Watching Deborah Pearson-Moyers ( call her herd of horses and see them galloping across the field for breakfast is simply a moment of pure magic! They were not visible out in the pasture, but her voice had them come over the ridge of the field in one big thundering group. She said, “Listen to that!” Yep she loves it! Me too!

pink horse 72

Haiku July 15, 2013 Horses

Warm velvet soft nose

Smell of fresh hay and cut grass

Afternoon horse barn.

Art Prescription:  There is just something about being around horses. Their warm brown eyes and soft ears, majestic musculature, swishy tails, the smell of leather, and a historic relationship. We’ve long been bound to these creatures.