So Zeta made her way across North Carolina. Our freshly raked yard is a mess of leaves and pine needles.

Too windy for a safe horse ride, so we did horse anatomy with oil pastels.

I absolutely love children’s artsy souls!

And my sketches.

En Plein Air

This morning I headed out to the barn to sketch en plein Air!

I set up in the shade. Horses are difficult to draw. Lots of proportions and shading to get right.

When sketching, I’m mostly interested in capturing a gesture.

I worked with oil pastels and sumi ink:

Farm Sketching May 20, 2014

Laundry flaps in wind

Mares graze, tall grass, buttercups

Afternoon at farm.

Art Prescription:  I sit and watch…observe their ears, their eyes, their tales as they swish at flies. They know I’m there. One of the most joyful things about sketching is simply the art of observation. I notice the sights, sounds, and smells of my surroundings. I get still and take it all in.Blue Skies May 20

Bareback Horse February 26, 2014

Bareback on “my” horse

I feel each step Pinto takes

Nothing else matters.

Art Prescription:  Started my Intuitive Horseback Riding at Blue Skies Farm today! To launch us right off with breathing and being centered with our horse, we rode bareback. Beautiful! My legs were trembling with nerves and muscles fatigue, and it’s all good. At that point it was just me and Pinto. Trust…